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Well, maybe not quite. But even with a hectic schedule, you can still find time to eat healthy. Diet programs with pre-packaged food like Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem make it easy to keep your busy schedule and lose weight.
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Jenny Craig - Have you called Jenny?.
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Jenny Craig Diet Review


Will Jenny Craig work for you? As with any diet, it works if you stick with it. The Jenny Craig program has a system called "Metabolic Max" where in addition to portion controlled meals, increasing your exercise activity, you also track your calorie intake and use based upon your personal metabolism - how many calories your body burns while resting (or rather, doing nothing).

Jenny Craig is a diet plan where you have to do very little - which can be nice, especially if you have a hectic schedule or just don't enjoy cooking. When you join the Jenny Craig program you have a few options. You can join at one of the Jenny Craig weight loss centres or their Jenny Craig at Home program. Either way, you will visit with a Jenny Craig counselor once a week who will help you craft a menu plan tailored to your personal tastes. (If you opt for the Jenny Craig at Home program, you'll have your consultations over the phone.)

Jenny Craig, which recently shortened it's name to just Jenny, has recently had a string of "celebrity clients". Each of their celebrity clients deciding to lose weight the different reasons - which is perfect inspiration for why you're looking to lose weight! (Okay, minus the celebrity paycheck.)

You'll buy your Jenny food from your local center which ranges anywhere between $85 to $120 a week. (Frozen food items tend to cost more, but taste better.) You can tailor your menu to fit your budget, but keep in mind, the food is how you lose the weight - so don't short change your success. The kicker is they'll try to up sell you on items like daily vitamins which you should skip. They're not much better than a standard one-a-day and much more costly.

If budget is a consieration, and you're looking for more cost effective choices, consider Nutrisystem a more affordable option to Jenny Craig's traditional diet plan.

How much does Jenny Craig cost? One of the most common complaints you will hear is that Jenny Craig is expensive. And it is; but make sure you factor in what you spend now on food/meals. Add in the cost of your weekly grocery shopping, snacks, lunchs out, your daily Starbucks etc. With all that mixed together, the cost of the Jenny diet isn't unreasonable.

There are alternatives to consider as well. If you're looking for a cheaper Jenny Craig-style diet program, you can participate in Nutrisystem (save 40% during their current diet promotion). As you customize your diet plan, you can tailor your meals based on personal preferences and tastes. You won't benefit from the personalized one-on-one counseling that the traditional Jenny Craig plan offers, but then you won't have to do any of the dreaded weigh-ins.

3 (on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being not hungry at all; 5 being starving)
Give it a week or so to get used to smaller portions.

Everything is pre-packaged so it's really easy to keep on your program. (It's the concept of portion control.)

Jenny Craig rotates in new foods every now and then. They even have brownies!

Jenny Craig food is actually pretty good. If your budget can swing it, go for the frozen food as it's better tasting.

The consultants really want you to stick to the plan (to the point of suggesting you bring your food with you if you go on vacation) because they receive a commission based upon your purchases.

I'm not such a big fan of getting weighed in front of other people, but the consultants are professional and helpful.

Many centers tend to have high turn over of their staff - just when you get used to a consultant, they leave the company.

Their web site doesn't tie in to the local center, so when you do online meal plans, you'll need to print it out and take it with you on your weekly meetings.

Join for freejenny, plus the cost of food (which is about $85-100 per week). Membership costs change every few months, so check with their web site for the latest price.
(Price last checked November 20, 2012.)
Jenny Craig

Other Diet Plan Options:
Nutrisystem - Save 40% and show off the new you just in time for the holidays!

If you're always on the go, or prefer convenience, two other options similar to Jenny Craig are Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers programs.

Compare Diets is an affiliate of Weight Watchers and NutriSystem.
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